Saturday ride with Bikers Nepal

Saturday ride with Bikers Nepal

"Saturday Ride with Bikers Nepal"

Nothing compares to being out there on your bikes and to just get away, be yourself and clear your head even if that’s only for a day.

Come join us this fine Saturday on the 28th, where Bikers Nepal is leading a group of the country’s finest motorcycle riders from Kathmandu to Riverside Springs Resort, Kurintar in a day filled with nothing but biking. Riverside Springs Resort with its natural trails makes it the best destination for off-road riding. Only 102 kilometres from Kathmandu, it is the best way to show your riding skills and abilities on your machine.


8:00 AM - 8:30 AM Riders meet at Bikers Nepal permises, Lazimpat
8:30 AM Ride begins
11:00 AM Destination


For new riders and/or enthusiasts, it will not only be a day filled with fun but an opportunity to be a part of a guided motorcycle tour where you can get ideas and know anything you might need or want to know about bikes and biking itself. You can learn new tricks, try out stunts and even better your riding skills with the proper techniques.

We are here to help on any bike related queries and problems. So, join us in this escapade and meet new bikers and make a memory like never before.

As EVEL KNIEVEL puts it, “Anybody can jump a motorcycle. The trouble begins when you try to land it” Let’s put ourselves to the test on how well we know our machines and to what extent we can take it to. Do you control your bikes or do your bikes control you. There’s only one way to find out and that is only after

Apart from that, for riders who just want to relax for the day, the resort also offers nature lovers solace in comfortable twin-bed cabins, a hearty restaurant overlooking a luxurious landscaped swimming pool, warm sands of the Trisuli river beach and more. you go for it.

Riders on their dirt bikes doing what they do best. No more pitched Road, people call it a dead end, time to take a U Turn or may be a hike, but for us the ride has just begun.